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How is the Key Area(s) of Improvement calculated?

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Key Area(s) of Improvement is a feedback Layout for the Diagnostic Style Quiz. Depending on the quiz template (questions and topics), the quiz result determines the user his/her particular topic(s) for improvement.

How Calculations Work?

It calculates the difference between “Where someone is today”, and “Where they want to be in 12 months”, determining the ‘Biggest Gap’ identified as their key area(s) of improvement.

Let’s understand this better with an example:

If the user says that he is at 3 right now for Topic-1 and wants to be at 6.
On the other hand, If the user says that he is at 3 right now for Topic-3 and wants to be at 10.
Then Topic-3 will be the “Key Area of Improvement” identified by the system. It is because not only they are struggling in it but also have a greater desire to improve in it.

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