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Find out how to Assess how your financial support is impacting your business.

Hey, I am Rich Bond

Over 40+ years I worked as a corporate executive in a public company, as the General Manager of a family business, and as a financial recruiter for companies whose sales ranged from $10 million to $100 billion.

I respect Business owners as they succeed beyond all odds and are the background of the economy.

One thing I feel badly about is that most business owners do NOT get the boost they deserve in terms of financial guidance that most public companies rely on.

Great finance can’t save a bad business, but weak finance reduces profits and makes the business worth much less than it could or should be. Very bad finance can put a company at risk for failure.

Many business owners I have spoken to think their senior finance person is not helping their business but are unsure how to assess his/her performance. More importantly they are not sure what do to if they were to get an assessment they understood.

Working with Steve Huff, who has consulted over 75 owners of private businesses, we developed 7 non-technical questions that you can answer yourself in less than 10 minutes or go through with Steve or myself.

If you complete the 7 questions you will get an assessment and potential actions.

Better finance, can:


Put the fun back in running your business.


Allow you to work ON your business rather than IN.


Eliminate Unpleasant financial surprises.


Increase your company profits and enterprise value.